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Useful Information - Jersey

Alcohol & Tobacco Allowance to UK or Europe

Cigarettes 200 or Cigarillos 100 or Cigars 50 or Tobacco 250g

Table Wine 2 litres

Spirits(+ 22% vol.) 1 litre or Fortified sparkling wine 2 litres

or additional still Table wine 2 litres

Perfume 60cc/ml and Toilet Water 250 cc/ml

Other Goods £145

Persons under 17 are not entitled to tobacco or alcohol allowances


The Channel Islands are Rabies-free and so only animals originating from the British Isles may be landed (the only exception is where an import licence is held. In all other cases a 6-month quarantine is required. The penalty for smuggling animals into Guernsey from foreign countries is severe.


There are cash dispensers in St Helier and many other parts of the island including the airport, harbour and certain garages.

Cheques supported by a cheque card are accepted by most establishments and all major credit cards and traveller cheques may also be used.

UK and CI notes and coins are in circulation, but CI notes should be exchanged for Sterling prior to returning to the UK. CI money is on a par with Sterling

Useful numbers
Abbey National International, St Helier 885000
Bank of Scotland 73364
Barclays, St Helier 880550
Lloyds/TSB*, New Street, St Helier 503000
Royal Bank of Scotland, Bath Street, St Helier 285500

The island has a frequent bus service and coach tours covering most parts of the island leaving from the St Helier Weighbridge Bus terminus

For information Tel: 721201.

Car Hire

The island is one of the cheapest places in Europe to hire a car. You will be surprised how reasonable the daily and weekly rates are together with fuel at around half the cost of that in the UK. There are several Hire car firms in the island including the big names.


Church of England, Roman Catholic , Baptist, Elim, Methodist, New Frontiers, Quakers, Salvation Army, United Reform.


Left-hand traffic

Filter in turn; a criss-cross junction which means that all traffic entering has priority and you must enter in turn with others

Yellow lines on the side mean no stopping or parking. Yellow lines at junctions mean STOP.

Parking free, but parking clocks are required in designated areas.
Island wide speed limit: 40mph, except some areas including St Helier 20mph.

Seat belts in the front and rear are compulsory.


The possession or importation of heroin, morphine, cocaine, cannabis, amphetamines, barbiturates, LSD and MD (M) A (Ecstasy) are totally banned in all the Channel Islands and are punished with severe fines and in many cases, custodial sentences.


There is a duty-free shop at the airport and low duty at all other shops.

Importation of Goods

The following restrictions apply:

If brought in from a country of the EC

Goods to an unlimited value, with the exception of beer and cider to a maximum of 50 litres per person (or a combination of beer and cider).

If brought in from a country outside of the E.C

Goods to a value of £136.

If you bring in something worth more than the limited value of £136, you will have to pay duty on the full value, not just on the value above £136.

If travelling as a family or group, you cannot pool your individual allowances towards an item worth more than the limited value. You will have to pay duty on the full value of the item.


English is the language spoken in Jersey although some residents still speak the local Jersey patois, particularly in the country parishes.

Licensing Hours

At the discretion of the proprietor, public bars are open to persons over 18 between the following hours: Weekdays 09.00 - 23.00, Sunday 11.00 - 23.00. The Licensing Assembly may also permit children under the age of 18 in public bars up to 21.00 if accompanied by an adult.


The UK National Health Service does not extend to Jersey but there is a reciprocal Health Convention between the UK Dept of Health and the States of Jersey for immediate necessary medical services for visitors. Visitors from overseas can obtain medical assistance at the Morning Medical Clinic in Newgate Street, St. Helier, Tel:616833. A £12 charge is made for the consultation. Island residents receive free hospital care and Specialist medical cover but have to meet the cost of GP, Optician and physiotherapy services. Prescription drugs are subject to a set charge. Medical insurance is recommended. Dialysis is available at the General Hospital Renal unit, Gloucester Street- Tel 622125.

Useful numbers
States of Jersey Ambulance, Service 999
De Fayes Chemist, David Place, St Helier 724701
JJ Turpin, Roseville Street, St Helier 720642
Reid's Pharmacy, Charing Cross, St Helier 732242
Roseville Pharmacy, Roseville Street, St Helier 734698
Spar Pharmacy, Bath Street, St Helier 638101
St Aubin's Pharmacy, St Brelade 724047
Village Pharmacy, La Rue d'Eglise, St Peter 481512
Village Pharmacy, La Rue du Temple, St John 862565

Drs Bayes, Buist, Curtis, Le Sueur, Smart & Sparrow, St Helier 731421
Drs Conway & Eichner, First Tower, St Helier 608822
Drs Ellis, Overton & Young, David Pl., St Helier 723318
Dr Hamilton, Grosvenor Street, St Helier 873633
Dr Hugh, Elizabeth Place, St Helier 723718
Newspapers, Radio & TV

UK national newspapers and some foreign papers are available on the Island, together with the Jersey Evening Post. Channel TV is the local ITV provider and ITV's Channel 4 (but not Channel 5) and BBC 1 & 2 are also available. BBC local radio and the commercial station Island FM are also transmitted from the island.


Passports are not required for citizens of Britain and the Irish Republic. Citizens of the European Community, Austria, Switzerland, Monaco and Liechtenstein require passports or national identity cards. Nationals of other western European countries and North America need valid passports , but visas are not required.

Postal Services

The Jersey Post Office issues its own stamps for mail issued from the island. It also has an active philatelic business with frequent first day issue covers. Most island Post Offices are open Mon to Fri 8.30am to 5.00pm and Sat 8.30 am to 12.00pm.

Public Holidays

Banks, offices and many shops close on Public Holidays. These are the same as in the UK with the addition of Liberation Day on 9th May.

Radio Stations

There are two local radio stations serving Jersey, BBC Radio Jersey on 88.8FM and Channel 103fm on 103.7FM 

Restricted Goods

A licence is required for the importation of any of the following:

Animals and birds

Caravans and dormobiles

Endangered species whether alive or dead
also such things as fur, ivory, and reptile leather
(or goods made from them)

Firearms, explosives and ammunition, including fireworks and gas cannisters

Certain plants, trees, shrubs, potatoes, fruit and vegetables

Certain radio transmitters, such as CB radios

Uncooked meats and poultry

Television Stations

The Channel Islands are served by Channel Televison  and the BBC and Sky Digital . Channel 5 is not available locally.

Time Zone

The time is the same as the rest of the UK.

VAT- free Shopping

The island has no VAT but a sales tax of 3% does apply to many goods which should not affect your shopping experience too much. Shops are generally open Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 5.30pm. However some shops close for lunch and Thursday afternoons. Sunday shopping is very restricted and mostly outside of town.


Wheelchairs can be hired from: The Hire Shop Tel: 873699, Guardian Medical Supplies Tel: 32335, British Red Cross Society Tel: 858176, Travelsmith Tel: 737317 Hireride Tel: 731995.

If you require further information or advice on the import or export of goods, please contact:
The Customs & Excise Department
The Harbour



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