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Club Facilities

The Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club Jersey Headquarters is located at Le Boulevard, St Aubin. (tel: 01534 741023 fax: 01534 490042) situated at the west end of the bay of St Aubin, approximately three miles from the town of St Helier and has a panoramic view of the entire bay, with the ever changing contrasts of sand, sea and rock offered by the tides, with differences in height of tide of up to 12 metres.

The Jersey Headquarters has approximately 1200 members and welcomes visiting yachtsmen from any recognised yacht club.

The club bar is open from 11.30 hours to 14.00 hours and from 17.30 hours to 23.00 hours daily, with catering available every day except Monday.

Formed in 1862, the club is one of the oldest Royal Clubs in existence and has offered a welcome to many interesting peo­ple over the years.

An extensive sailing programme is presented annually with visiting yachtsmen being welcome to enter any of the events. 

Perrochet Mustard Mitt
Perrochet - photo by Mick Trehorel
Mustard Mitt - photo by Mick Trehorel
Cavallo- photo by Mick Trehorel

Full details of the 2006 season of events organised by the The Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club are available from their website but also reproduced below



Sailing Calendar - 2010
Reports 2006 Photos 2006

Further details of all events may be obtained from the RCIYC

Tel: 01534 745783

Fax: 01534 490042




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