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History Timeline of the Channel Islands

6500BC Channel Islands became separated from the continental mainland following the ending of the Ice Age
4000BC Neolithic man starts to settle in the islands
500BC Evidence of Iron Age man found in all islands

St Sampson brings Christianity to Guernsey and St Helier to Jersey


Viking raids are likely to have started

911 Rollo takes control and the Duchy of Normandy is formed
933 The Contentin peninsular is added to the Duchy, including Les Isles Normandes.

Duke Richard of Normandy divides Guernsey into two Fiefs.

1057 Duke William gives Alderney to Geoffroi de Montbrai
1066 Norman forces including Channel Islanders defeat Harold at Hastings and England becomes part of the enlarged Duchy.

Norman tonqWWilliam the Conqueror dies and his estate is split. William Rufus took the throne of England whilst Robert took control of Normandy, including Jersey (but not Guernsey which remained loyal to the Guernsey Crown)


                    William II and Duke Robert agree to reunite the Duchy on the last surviving of the two. However when William was killed in 1100, their younger brother Henry seized the Throne of England, to become Henry I.

1093 Guernsey and Sark are claimed by the English Crown.

Henry invadeHHenry invaded Normandy and defeated Robert at Tinchebrai in 1106. Robert was imprisoned for the remainder of his life. Jersey was therefore back under the English Crown and Henry went on to claim Brittany and Maine from Louis the Fat of France.


Henry’s son and only heir dies in a shipwreck off Alderney


Henry dies of a fever and his nephew Stephen claimed the English Crown. Normandy and the Channel Islands turned to Henry’s daughter Matilda as the true heir and she and her husband Geoffrey of Anjou had a son Henry, later to become Henry II of England.

1189 Henry II died and and his son Richard of Aquitaine became Richard I, the Lionheart and was killed by soldiers of Phillip II of France
1198 John, Count of Montrain becomes first Lord of the Islands
1199 Richard’s brother John Lackland became King of England and Duke of Normandy.

Phillip II of FP Philip II of France snatched back Normandy, but left the Isles Normandes in English hands, to become known as Les Isles Anglo-Normandes. The islanders in return for certain privileges and protection opted to remain loyal to the English Crown and remained so ever since. Geoffrey de Lucy becomes Warden of the islands.


Construction CConstruction of Castle Cornet began in Guernsey under the guidance of Pierre de Preaux

1214 Raid on Guernsey by the French with Castle Cornet still under construction but by was further strengthened under the Governorship of Geoffrey de Lucy and by 1224, the castle had eight towers and had cost over £66 19s in improvements.


King John grants formal Rights and Privileges to the Channel Islands.

French seize French seize the islands and hold onto them until 1254 when Henry III claims title.

1274 Henry III drops his claim to Alderney
1294              French raid kill a large percentage of Guernsey's population




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