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Office Parties

Office parties, need careful planning in the wardrobe department to ensure that your look ready to party, but not tarty.

Try going for fabrics like silk, satin and velvet and show that you've made an effort keep the office suit firmly in the wardrobe. If it's a low key affair just choose one element to highlight - perhaps a metallic top or shimmery eye make-up. Even if it's a more dressed-up affair, remember you're still in professional mode so keep things sophisticated and adult. That means long gowns with heels and grown-up make-up, not stick-on body jewels, trainers or trashy jewellery.

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If you want to stand out, try and find out what others will be wearing and choose something different. If they're sporting a serious Monsoon ballgown, go for a stunning trouser suit. If your friends are going the casual route in separates, go for the full glamorous works.

Just because it's a work bash doesn't mean you can't dress-up. Give yourself plenty of time and work out a look that's suitably elegant while showing off your creative flair. Try vintage shoes, a hair accessory or unusual jewellery. 

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