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Guernsey Passenger Movements

In September 2001, the Tourist Board released a brochure which showed that tourist numbers had bounced back after three years of slowly falling numbers. In total 421,000 visited Guernsey in 2000 (63% of all arrivals) and 235,000 of these stayed for 5.6 days. This shows that Guernsey is an important second holiday destination. The majority arrived by air.

Leisure Visitors 321,000(76%)  Business Visitors 54,000 (13%) Visiting family/friends 46,000 (11%)
235,000 for 5.6 nights 43,000 for 1.9 nights 44,000 for 5 nights
33,000 yacht crew 11,000 day visitors 2,000 day visitors
53,000 day visitors (incl. 25,000 cruise visitors)

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