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Are you overweight?

The latest survey published in Guernsey shows that 15% of men are classed officially as obese although the aim is to get this down to just 6%. Statistics for women show 25% obese against a target of 8%. In the UK the problem is even worse with 17% of men and 21% of women described as obese. The figures there are alarming, having tripled in the last twenty years and now costing the NHS an estimated £2.6bn per annum.

In Guernsey a further 57% of males are described as overweight (65% in the UK) and a similar percentage of women (53% in UK).

What is the cause?

Lack of exercise is the main problem. When many people reach 35 they do hardly any exercise but continue to eat as much or if not more than when they were younger.

How can I lose weight?

Some suggestions from the Medical Officer of Health are:

  • more vigorous sport or exercise to the extent of sweating and breathlessness.
  • cycle to work and leave the car at home or park further away and have a brisk walk.
  • healthier eating - less fried and convenience or fast foods. Instead try more white meat  and more fruit and vegetables.
  • join an organised slimming club such as Weightwatchers who have over 400 members in Guernsey


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