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Education Review

March 2001

The Education Council have launched their proposals for a complete overhaul of the Guernsey Education system, including extending the leaving age from 15 to 16..

A key element is the abolition of the 11-plus selection system which was abolished many years ago in the UK. The local Education Council say that mistakes have been learnt in the UK in respect of the Comprehensive system and that Guernsey will not follow that model. Instead they recommend a Tertiary College for all children aged 16 and over who wish to continue their education to 'A' levels. Two new High Schools will be built and the existing Grammar School will be the third, but without its current sixth formers. The budget required is more than £70million. 

Recognising the split feelings of the population, following extensive consultation, the Council have given the States an option of keeping the 11-plus system, but with a Tertiary College for sixth formers. Grammar Headmaster Mr Balls, described this as this option as unworkable and said that the thought of a Grammar School without a sixth form would destroy the heart of the school.

May 2001 11-Plus selection to be retained

The States voted at the resumed debate on 10 May 2001 to retain the 11-plus selection system. The Education Council's plans to revolutionise education in Guernsey were heavily defeated by an amendment from Deputy Mike Torode. They voted by 30 to 18 to retain the Grammar School sixth form, develop the College of Further Education and to build three new High Schools at a total cost of around £50m. The leaving age will be increased to 16 by 2008/9.

Islanders had the chance to vote on the matter in an online Poll organised by Islandlife. 87% voted to retain the current system but to invest in new High Schools.  Click here to see those results.



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