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Multi storey car parks rejected

June  2001

The detailed proposals of the States Traffic Committee to build two or more multi-storey car parks in St Peter Port were thrown out by the States of Deliberation on 28 June 2001. The plans were the culmination of three years work after the Committee were asked in 1998 to bring proposals to alleviate Town parking problems. 

The proposals included a car park at the bus terminus and one at Sir Charles Frossard House. The latter was thrown out by the casting vote of the Bailiff. Many thought that increasing car parking would increase the existing traffic problems and that the new bus services at just 50p a journey should be given a chance. Others believe that islanders can never be persuaded to leave their cars at home in favour of public transport.

In an about turn however, the Committee were asked to once again investigate paid-parking in Town. This has angered many local shop keepers, already worried about out of town developments such as the fast growing Admiral Park.




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