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Jersey Attractions

Ancient Monuments

La Hougue Bie
La Hougue Bie, Grouville

Unlock the secrets of La Hougue Bie. In the middle of the countryside, is the site of a 40 feet high prehistoric mound inside of which is a Neolithic tomb (one of the finest in Europe) and place of worship around 5,000 years old (2,000 years older than the Pyramids). In the 6th century the site was christianised and there are two medieval chapels on the site which remains a site of peace and spiritual beauty. The site has dominated the area for thousands of years.

Investigation of the site led to many interesting discoveries and the entrance to the site has been restored to how it was to have looked in 3,000 BC. On the 10 March 1942 the German forces started to build a battalion command/communications bunker into the side of the Neolithic mound and 70 trenches were dug in the grounds. Archaeologically the damage was extensive. . The tunnels now contain archaeological displays.

Geologically, Jersey is unique and in the geology gallery numerous specimens are used to illustrate this, starting with the oldest rocks in the island dating from about 900 million years ago and continuing through more recent geological time.

Buses, cycle routes and parking

La Hougue Bie is situated in the parish of Grouville. Take the No 3a bus to Grouville or if you are driving, follow the A6 road to Five Oaks and the at the mini round-about, take the B28 road to La Hougue Bie, where you will see the high burial mound to your left, one mile up the road.

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La Pouquelaye de Faldouet

A magnificent Neolithic dolmen with a 5metre long passage leading into a large circular chamber. Beyond that is largee capstoned chamber with smaller side chambers.

Bus: 1, 1b, 3a

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