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Parks in Guernsey

In addition to its other attractions, Guernsey boasts several public parks that are used by islanders participating in sporting activities as well as by people who just wish to enjoy walking among the abundance of trees, flowers and shrubs, and parents who can find plenty to keep their offspring amused in the various play areas.

Saumarez Park 

Saumarez Park Battle of Flowers Float
Childrens' play area Battle of Flowers Float
Duck Pond Saumarez Park
Duck Pond Park area

The island's best known and probably most popular. It has a well equipped and safe children's play area, large open spaces, a rose garden and a large duck pond. A gazebo over the pond gives close up viewing of the wildlife.

In the summer, the park is host to several events including the Donkey derby, Horse and Harness competition and the famous  North Show. There is also a year round open cafe, and the National Trust of Guernsey's Folk Museum. This has on display, historic farm vehicles and implements.

 Delancey Park 

Delancey Park Delancey Children's area
Delancey park Childrens' play area

This park although in an exposed position in St Sampsons, does offer spectacular views across to St Peter Port and the other islands from its elevated position. There is a large open area with cricket pitch, and a recently upgraded childrens' play area as part of the parish's Millennium project. 

A major re-juvenation of the park began in February 2001. After much consultation, a teenager's 'village' with shelter is being built for youngsters to meet in and £7,000 of children's equipment will be installed, thanks to a donation from the Guernsey Children's Promise Trust. Later in the year skate board ramps will be added. A cycle track around the park will be restored and tennis courts laid

You will also find the remains of a monument erected in 1876/7 to Admiral Lord de Saumarez, on of the greatest and most famous islanders who served with Lord Nelson in the Battle of the Nile and took part in the Battle of Trafalgar in a ship crewed by Guernseymen. He also found fame in 19th century politics. He was a key player in the deal struck between Russia and Sweden who were at the point of war and therefore saved British interests in the Baltic and Baring Straits.

A £290,000 plan has been drawn up to re-build the granite monument which was blown up by the Germans on 7 December 1943 as it obscured their line of fire across the Russell. The then Bailiff Victor Carey appealed to the Commandant Major Kratzer not to proceed at it contravened the Hague Convention on historical monument, but this was rejected. In 1953 various options were considered as to how to use the dressed granite blocks, from rebuilding the monument at a cost of £10,000 to simply placing the original brass plaques on walls at Castle Cornet (in January 1954 the States decided the latter at a cost of £100.) Over a period of years, parts were taken away and in 1964 parts were used to build the Rosaire steps in Herm and also to shore up the sea defences at Cobo and steps at L'Eree. 

Beau Sejour and Cambridge Parks 

Beau Sejour View from Beau Sejour
Beau Sejour  View from Beau Sejour

Although two parks, most locals now refer the area simply as "Beau Sejour" in view of the excellent public leisure centre which now sits on part of the site. Built in 1976, it offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. These include, a large indoor heated swimming pool, saunas, squash, 5-a-side football, roller skating, basketball, well equipped keep-fit area, outdoor bowls and tennis. There are also two outdoor childrens' play areas. The park is host to many outdoor events including football, softball and the annual Floral Guernsey show.

Cambridge Park is a large grassy area used for various sports. The tree-lined avenue on the outer boundary is named after Sir Winston Churchill. This leafy walkway is infamous for being the place where the last duel was fought on the island.

Candie Gardens

Candie Gardens Candie Museum
View of Harbour Candie Museum

A short walk down the road from Cambridge park are the peaceful Candie Gardens. On a slope at the top of town, the gardens enjoy sweeping views over St Peter Port and the nearby islands of Herm and Sark.  Relax on the well kept lawns and enjoy the beauty of the re-created Victorian flower gardens. Here you will also find the Candie Museum and Art Gallery where you can see "Guernsey through the Ages" and a cafe. There is a statue of Queen Victoria and also of Victor Hugo.  


Victor Hugo statue Queen Victoria statue
Victor Hugo
Queen Victoria
L'Ancresse Common

Not a park, but nevertheless is a wonderful place for walking and picnics. Pembroke, Chouet and Ladies Bays all within walking distance as well as two Ancient monuments from Neolithic times. Be wary however of the golf course.

L'Ancresse Common
L'Ancresse Common


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