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Guernsey Airport redevelopment

Guernsey Airport Arrivals       - Live Updates                    

Guernsey Airport Departures - Live Updates    

Following the development of the new airport terminal over the past decade, the island has since invested heavily in the rest of the airport infrastructure, including re-structuring of the only runway, aircraft standing and approach navigation during 2012 through to 2014. The investment of £80.4m saw the airport close for four periods of two days but is still up for discussion with airport operators. Over 40 years had elapsed since the re-surfacing of the runway in 1974 which was expected to last no more than 30 years. The airport was opened in 1939. In the four months from the airport opening to the German invasion, 5,000 passengers flew between the island anbd the UK. Almost a million passengers a year travel through the airport which is government owned and run. As part of the essential maintenance, airport aprons were replaced, as was ground lighting and drainage. Taxiways were re-aligned, levelled and re-surfaced.

Guernsey runway
Guernsey runway redevelopment

Alterations to the 1,463m runway saw the runway move west 120metres and an increased length for takeoffs but not for landing. Work was also done on the middle section to reduce the dip in the runway and new safety areas at each end to comply with CAA regulations. Had the runway been extended to 1,700m as called for by some airlines, the extra cost would have been around £23-£25m. Many still see this as a lost opportunity.

Agreement was reached with two remaining landowners over approach lights that needed to be erected on their properties at the western end. 

New airport terminal Guernsey Old airport terminal Guernsey
New 21st century Terminal completed in 2004 Old terminal building (demolished in 2004)
Old west terminal Old terminal and new one in operation in 2004

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