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Lavender Soaps make a come back

Lavender soaps fo a long time were out of fashion and more likely to be used by Granny than yourself. That has all changed and Lavender is now high in the popularity stakes.

Aromatherapists have for years promoted Lavender which of course has been recognised for its therapeutic benefits since ancient times.

As well as its familiar fragrance, pure oil lavender sooths minor cuts and stings and a few drops on your pillow at night will help with a good night's sleep. There is no shortage of luxurious lavender-packed products to choose from major beauty houses.

Lavender products

Yardley, have been incorporating lavender into their products since the eighteenth century but they've recently revamped their image. The new Lavender Inspirations brand has chic glass bottles and lilac packaging. Prices start at £3.00 for a Reviving cooling stick and the relaxing foam bath is £6.50 - great before bedtime. 

In the UK  at half the price, Tesco's best selling Lavender Bath Foam is £2.40 for 350ml.  If you prefer showers, try Ren French Lavender Moisturising Rinse at £15.95 for150ml. It contains natural moisturisers like rosehip seed and grape-seed oil to prevent your skin from feeling tight.

Afterwards smooth on some of Jo Malone's luxurious Amber and Lavender Body Lotion but it is not cheap at £24.50 for 250ml. The best thing about this product is that, unlike many other scented body creams, the scent actually stays on the skin for a long time afterwards.

Why not also pamper yourself with Jurlique Lavender Aromatic Hydrating Concentrate on your face. At £20.95 for 50ml, it is great at soothing dry skins. 



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