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Sark Beaches

Sark has several fine beaches to choose and although they can be quite a treck down steps of cliff paths, they are well worth the trip.

Dixcart Bay

On the south coast is the beautiful Dixcart Bay. It is more accessible than most of the bays but does require a cliff path walk down with steps, the journey is worthwhile.   There you will find a natural arch and a cave 375 feet deep.

Derrible Bay

Situated slightly to the east of Dixcart, is Derrible Bay, accessed via Hog's Back, a gorse peninsular. At Creux Derrible is an impressive blowhole cave.

Les Fontaines Bay

On the rugged north east cost of the island is Les Fontaines Bay. There are two natural arches which the Sark artist William Topliss called the Fairy Grotto. At the far end is Creux Belet and Red Cave. From here the path up to Le Fort has a fantastic panoramic view.

Le Creux Harbour

The original small harbour was used by ships from Guernsey until Maselin harbour opened in 1949. The old harbour boasts wonderfully clear waters for swimming in.

Venus' Pool

Off Little Sark at its southermost tip, is Venus' Pool. Accessed via a maze of paths, this low tide pool about 20 feet deep, offers some splendid swimming and diving conditions. 



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