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Jersey Beaches

Jersey has 50 miles of coastline with 12 major beaches and many other smaller bays to suit all tastes for both young and old.  They are also some of the cleanest in Europe. With sandy beaches on all but the north coast, rocky coves to explore, small harbours, and west coast beaches for surfing and windsurfing, there is something for everyone.

In February 2001, the Marine Conservation Society's Beachwatch 2000 report once again showed the Channel Islands as having some of the cleanest beaches in Britain. Litter counts were 27% down in 1999 and sewage related debris was 0.4% compared to the national average of 6.5%. eighteen beaches in Guernsey and two in Jersey were surveyed.

Six feature in the Readers Digest Good Beach Guide. See the Good Beach Guide for independent views on Jersey beaches Good Beach Guide

Jersey has some of the largest tidal flows in the world so take care when bathing or exploring the seaside. From mid May to the end of September, five bays St. Ouen, St. Brelade, Plemont Greve de Lecq and Havre des Pas are patrolled by beach lifeguards. The patrolled areas for swimming are marked with red and yellow flags. The flagged areas are  moved throughout the day due to the tides and will be advised to move into the new areas if necessary. If conditions are dangerous and unsuitable for swimming, red flags will be flown.  Please ask for advice if in doubt.

St Aubins Bay  

A beautiful three mile long bay stretching from St Helier to St Aubin on  the south coast of the island and safe for bathing. Easy access, good parking, watersports and toilets beach refreshments.

Portelet Bay

Next to St Brelade on the south coast, this is a small picturesque bay with parking but access is via steps and so access by wheel chairs is not easy.

Havre des Pas- Pool

On the south coast with easy access, refreshments, toilets and beach guard.

St Brelade's Bay

Another of the south coast bays with fabulous sand and safe for bathing. There are a number of shops nearby with easy access, good parking and good facilities including toilets, cafe, watersports and a beach guard.  



St Ouen's Bay

St Ouen's Bay

Fabulous west coast bay enjoying good sand and waves. Excellent for windsurfing and longboarding. Swimming can be hazardous and so keep within the chequered flags. Toilets at Le Braye and La Pulente slips. Good parking, beach guard  and toilets.


A sandy beach on the north west coast and popular with children who wish to rock climb. Swimming can be dangerouis because of the fast rising tide. Beach guard, good parking, easy access, free parking and good facilities.

Greve de Lecq

Greve de Lecq

A sandy bay on the north west coast but gets deep very quickly. Free parking, toilets, a kiosk facility and beach guard.

Bonne Nuit Bay

Bonne Nuit Bay

This is a small picturesque harbour on the north coast but with some swimming. Parking, easy access refreshments and  toilets.

Bouley Bay

Home to the several hill climb events on the north coast, Bouley Bay is also a small harbour but with swimming facilities. Parking, easy access, refreshments and toilets. Limited parking.

Rozel Bay

Small sandy beach on the north coast and good for swimming. Easy access, toilets and refreshments.


This is a shingle beach on the north east coast north of Grouville. Free parking, easy access, cafe facilities and toilets.

Grouville Bay

A large sandy bay on the south east tip of the island, Grouville is good for bathing. It is enormously popular and so gets more crowded than other bays.

La Rocque

On the south east coast, Grouville headland, this is also a sandy bay and a good area for swimming. However be aware of the fast rising tide. Parking, easy access, refreshments and toilets.

Greve d'Azette- The Dicq

On the south east coast, easy access, refreshments and toilets.




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