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Alderney E-Commerce

Alderney has been quick to capitalize on the Internet revolution and is ideally placed to provide e-commerce opportunities to all types of business. Several major e-betting operations have been licensed on the island.

As a further step in to encouraging internet businesses to the island, on 18 April  2001, the States approved the issue of six interactive electronic gaming licences at a cost of £75,000 p.a. valid for 3 years. This enables gamblers worldwide to play games such as roulette, poker and other casino games over the internet. The previous licences were restricted to book-making only.

The island has a lot to offer e-commerce including:

  1. A skilled workforce

  2. Good quality broad bandwidth connections to the Internet through Guernsey Telecoms

  3. Good technical support both locally and in Guernsey

  4. The legislative framework to support e-commerce is being introduced.

  5. Good selection of financial and legal services

  6. Well regulated business environment.

The States of Alderney is committed to encouraging IT businesses to the island as a way of increasing income but with a reasonably small impact on the limited labour pool. Full consultation is taking place with the business community to increase the IT culture.

The States has been encouraging the use of technology within the civil service to deliver a range of public services electronically including official notices to Tourist information. 

E-commerce is more than just advanced electronic communications.  It will result in lower prices for goods and services, more suppliers, improved productivity and better management information and improved operating efficiency.

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