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Alderney Beaches

Alderney has five main beaches and all are clean quiet and definitely un-crowded. Several are popular for water sports including windsurfing and surfing. The golden sand and clear waters make an ideal day out for all the family.  Most have easy access and parking is not a problem. Dogs are banned from most beaches from 1st June to 30th September.

Braye Bay

Only a few minutes walk from St Anne's and sheltered by the Breakwater, this is a clean golden sandy bay ideal for all the family. Watch the ferries and fishing boats go in and out of the harbour and sailing races are often held here. The Albert end of the bay rocky and ideal for rock-bait for fishermen.  Dogs can be walked along the common land behind the bay.

The bay is also popular for water skiing and windsurfing.

Longis Bay

This half mile long sandy bay on the south east coast is ideal for young children. Nearby is the causeway to Raz Island which is good for exploring when uncovered and where hundreds of shells can be found. The water feels warmer here than other bays because of the gentle slope of the beach. There are also rock pools for exploring and good angling from rocks below Essex Castle.

Access to the beach is from Longis Common where cars can be parked and is a paradise for birdwatchers.  

Corblets Beach

Corblets Beach is popular with families is regarded as excellent for swimmers and wind-surfing.  Although facing north, the bay does give shelter from easterly winds. It is also the best bay for surf boarding.

Access to the bay is via a fairly steep flight of steps below Fort Corblets. At high tide some will enjoy diving from rocks below the Fort. 

Arch Bay

Again popular with young families because of the sandy are in the middle, this small sheltered beach adjoins Corblets Bay by a causeway which is covered at high tide. Swimming is considered safe and there are also rocks to climb and rock pools to explore.

Easy access is via a grassy bank and a the grass area is popular for picnic lovers.


(Pronounced Soy) Another popular bay particularly with campers as the campsite is close by separated only by sand-dunes. There is an expanse of soft white sand in the centre of the bay which makes it a hit with children.

Platte Saline

This beach is not good for swimming but tends to be favoured by naturalists and fishermen. It consists mainly of shingle and slopes away steeply to the sea. Shore fishing is available and many angling competitions are held at this bay during the year. Not recommended for swimming because of severe under-currents.

Access is from a rough road past Fort Doyle.

Clonque Beach

Clonque is a gravelly beach and also has a large rocky area out towards the Swinge. but with sandy places at low tide. There are rock pools galore full of small marine life.

Access is via an unmade road leading to Fort Clonque  and also by using one of the three causeways. Access can also be down the Clonque causeway when not covered by the tide.

The island of Burhou with its varied bird life is off this bay. The bay also sees fantastic sunsets  and so can be popular on summer evenings. There is no ban on dog walking.



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