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News release

Editor, 14 December 2000

First Channel Island wide community website

What is believed to be the first Community website covering the whole of the Channel Islands, was officially launched this week. The Island Life website, is a large site featuring over 400 pages of information and 100 photographs covering all the Channel Islands and is rich in local content and information. The project has taken around seven months to complete.

It is designed to be easy to navigate and should appeal to visitors and locals alike, who are looking for information on anything from beaches, churches, places to visit, parks, restaurants, schools, clubs, travel and other useful information, property, legal and Finance Industry pages. There is also a comprehensive section covering the fascinating Constitution and History of the Channel Islands and the claims and counter claims to their title by the French and English over the centuries.  We found the Channel Island official tourism sites complicated and difficult to find information easily and wanted to bring together information about the islands on one site."



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