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Maseline Harbour Sark
Maseline Harbour


Destination and Carrier

Guernsey - Sark














Jersey - Sark

Isle of Sark Shipping Co. - daily; travel time 45 mins

Early Bird Return

Depart Gsy 8am Return 6pm, mid May to mid Sept (all other dates, return 5pm)

Day Returns

Depart Gsy 10am Return 11am, 4pm, mid May to mid Sept (all other dates return 5pm)

Sark Half-day Return

Depart Gsy 2pm Return 6pm (mid May to mid Sept)

Late Morning Saver

Depart Gsy 11.30am Return 6pm (mid May to mid Sept)

Sunday Service

Depart Gsy 2.30pm, Return 3.30pm (5th May to 23rd June 2002 & 8th Sept)

Depart Gsy 10.00am and 5.00pm, Return 11.00am & 6.00pm (30th June to 1st Sept incl.)


Manche Iles Express

Travel from Jersey and Granville . Daily April - September

Contact details Reservations Enquiries 

Condor 01481 726121 01481 729666

Isle of Sark Shipping 01481 724059 01481 724059

Manche Iles Express     01534 880756

Useful Contacts

Constable 01481 832533

Tourist Information 01481 832345

Harbour Master 07781 135611

Useful Information

Customs Allowances out of Sark

Cigarettes 200 or Cigarillos 100 or Cigars 50 or Tobacco 250g

Table Wine 2 litres

Spirits(+ 22% vol.) 1 litre or Fortified sparkling wine 2 litres

or additional still Table wine 2 litres

Perfume 60cc/ml and Toilet Water 250 cc/ml

Other Goods £145

Persons under 17 are not entitled to tobacco or alcohol allowances




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