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Guernsey Election of States Deputies

More Detail from the 2008 Election of Deputies

18,576 voters or 40.58% of the eligible population of 45,772 turned out on Wednesday 23 April and cast a total of 89,239 votes.

There were ten blank papers, 35 spoilt papers and on average 4.8 votes were cast.

Of the 28 standing deputies all but two, Brian de Jersey and Wendy Morgan, were re-elected to the house. So 19 of the Deputies Elect are new to the chamber.

Five of the 12 candidates who had stood unsuccessfully in 2004 got in this time round.

The candidate who polled the most amount of votes was first time candidate Matt Fallaize standing in the Vale who received 2,322 and becomes the youngest member of the house at 26.

The first district to declare was Castel at 23:33 and the last was St Peter Port North at 01:44 the next day despite the second least amount of voters turning out in that district.

The best turn out in numbers was in the Vale at 3,392 while the best turn out in percentage of those on the Electoral Roll was in the West where 64% voted.

Voters in the Vale used the most votes with an average of 5.15 while voters in the West used the least with an average of 4.53.

Postal voting was down on 2004 with 1,386 choosing this method of voting compared with 1,513 four years early. It was most popular in the South East where 247 postal votes were recorded.



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