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Traditional Jersey Recipes

We felt that this would be a useful feature as many younger people or newcomers to the island may not be aware of how some of our traditional food is made. Please feel free to send these in by email. The following have been supplied by Geraint Jennings of Societe Jersiaise

Jersey Pancakes (Les Crêpes Jèrriaises)

Half a pound (225 grammes) of flour two eggs
six ounces (170 grammes) of currants or raisins quarter pound (110 grammes) of sugar
pinch of salt half a cup of milk
Method: Mix the flour with the eggs, currants or raisins, the sugar and the salt. Add the milk. Grease the bottom of the frying pan, and put it on to heat up. Put a spoonful of mixture at a time into the frying pan. Four or five can
be made at the same time. They are cooked, turning them, in a few minutes. This recipe makes a dozen.

Apple Layer Cake (Du Solyi)

2 pounds of bread dough ½ pound of butter
½ pound of sugar sliced cooking apples
Method: Put a layer of dough in the bottom of a baking tin, then a layer of apples and sugar. Then lay on a layer of dough, and a layer of apples and sugar on top, with a final dough layer last of all. Cook slowly for a couple of hours.

To sum up, it is very easy to make, because it is:
"A layer of dough, layer of apples, layer of dough, layer of apples, and
layer of dough on top, and that's an apple layer pie!"

Fliottes (Des Fliottes) (for Good Friday)

½ pound of flour quart of milk
quarter pound of sugar ½ tsp of salt
2 eggs knob of butter
Method: Mix the flour, the sugar, the eggs and the salt. Add an extra drop of milk. Put the quart of milk on to boil, with the butter, then add the batter to
cook in it, a tablespoonful at a time. You will find that the batter will rise and float in the milk. Leave the fliottes to simmer for a few minutes. As they cook, put them on a plate and keep them warm. Once all the batter is cooked, serve the fliottes warm with some of the milk they were cooked in.
Some people like to grate some nutmeg over them before serving.


Apple Dumplings (Des Bourdélots) 

Method:  Make bread dough and wrap peeled apples - using sweet apples for preference, but perhaps cooking apples as well. Put ten or so on a baking tray with a drop of water and bake them. We make pear dumplings too sometimes. And in the past double dumplings were made which were called "twin dumplings".

For the Jersiaise version of the above recipies, click Jersey Recipes

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